JBL Studio 580

JBL Studio 580

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JBL Studio 580 Black (Ea.) Speaker
The JBL Professional loudspeakers you hear at your favourite movie theatre or concert venue share an important design characteristic with our most advanced home speakers. They all employ constant-directivity compression drivers in a horn to deliver the massive amounts of high-impact, highly accurate sound and live-music experience that large audiences and critical listeners demand. Now JBL Studio 5 Series speakers, acoustically designed by renowned JBL chief engineer Greg Timbers, continue this performance-proven tradition. The JBL Studio 5 series features top-of-the-line professional speaker technology in a modern design while being very affordable. The JBL Studio 580 floorstanding loudspeaker combines a 25mm (1") HF compression driver and Bi-Radial® horn with dual 165mm (6-1/2") cast-frame Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) woofers that closely duplicates the experience of a live performance. Ideal for both music and movie systems, the Studio 580 floorstanding speakers are powerful, accurate and styled to make a dramatic design statement in any listening environment.

Dual 6-1/2 inch Low-Frequency Transducers
1-inch High-Frequency Compression Driver
Glass-filled ABS Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn
Dual 165mm (6-1/2") Low-Frequency Transducers
Stiff, lightweight ribbed PolyPlas cones with rubber surrounds
38mm (1-1/2") diameter woofer voice coils
Heavy-duty magnet assemblies with Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) technology
Rigid, non-resonant cast aluminum frames 25mm (1") High-Frequency Compression Driver
One-piece Teonex® diaphragm/surround with 25mm (1") voice coil
Significantly lower distortion and greater dynamic range than conventional midrange and HF drivers

Glass-filled ABS Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn
Controlled directivity at ear level of seated listeners minimizes unwanted HF interaction with walls and furniture
Cleaner, more realistic HF sound over a wider listening area 19mm (3/4") MDF Enclosure
Rigid, heavily braced design with non-parallel surfaces reduces unwanted resonances

Low-loss, 2-way crossover network
Smoothes transition between woofers and HF compression driver/horn
Reduced distortion and coloration for improved sonic clarity

Exclusive Design
Dynamic, one-of-a-kind look


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